3 Interior Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

3 Interior Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are a great interior item to add to any room. They instantly make the room look bigger and brighter by distributing light and creating illusions of depth. And the added bonus is, they're really simple to add! Here are three tips you could use when decorating with mirrors.

Make It a Statement Piece

A large mirror can be really useful for making a small room look big, or a dark room look brighter. While you're at it, why not make it a statement piece as well? Instead of a generic looking mirror, choose mirrors that are decorative such that they become a design element of the room. Mirrors with elaborate frames can even substitute paintings in a room as a form of decorative art.

(Picture: Our Heavy Rustic Mirror does the job with its natural, raw texture that draws attention in the room.)

Play Around with Interesting Geometrical Shapes

Who says a mirror has to be rectangular? Mirrors in geometrical shapes such as circles, octagons and diamonds, to name a few, makes your interiors look more energetic and playful. Instead of hanging just one mirror, you can also create an accent wall by using a few smaller mirrors of varying shapes. In this way, your mirrors are not just functional, but highly decorative as well!

(Picture: Our Certa Solid Wood Frame Mirrors come in five different shapes to complement any wall!)

Think About the Placement

What will your mirror be reflecting? Be mindful of how you place your mirror -- for example, you'll want to avoid having your mirror reflect the clutter you've stuffed on top of your cupboard. If you're lucky to have a house with good natural light and a nice view outside your window, placing the mirror near the window could accentuate these advantages. Having the mirror reflect an some green plants or a piece of the sky would be a really pleasant and relaxing sight.

Picture credit: Jovis Aloor


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