What are the different types of interior lighting?

What are the different types of interior lighting?

Different lightings serve different functions, so they should be used accordingly for the particular room or setting. In this post, we share about the four major types of interior lighting you'll need to know to create the perfect lighting setup.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient or general lighting illuminates the entire room. It could be in the form of direct light, such as a ceiling light, or indirect light, such as recessed lighting.

Indirect lighting, which refers to light that bounces off from the walls, is less glaring and creates a more relaxed environment due to its softer look. In the picture on the left, recessed lighting beams gentle washes of light down the walls and creates a relaxing, diffused ambient lighting in the whole room.

Task Lighting

Task lighting helps you achieve specific functions and is brighter than your ambient lighting in the same room.

For example, you may have very low ambient lighting in your bedroom as you wish to create a more restful environment. However, if you love bedtime reading, you will need to add a task lighting such as a reading light above your bed to help you accomplish your goal.

In the picture on the right, task lightings are added at various spots above the kitchen counters to ensure there is sufficient light to work.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is likewise brighter than your ambient lighting in the same room. As its name suggests, accent lighting is used to highlight certain features in the room. An example would be using track lights to highlight a favourite painting on the wall.

Decorative Lighting

Some lightings serve decorative purposes. For example, you may wish to hang a few dainty vintage pendant lights above your kitchen counter. However, they would not provide enough light for you to work in the kitchen. In this case, you will need to accentuate the setup with additional task lighting, such as track lights to bolster the brightness.

Apart from hanging lights, do also consider the use of floor lamps and table lamps. The introduction of lighting sources at different heights helps to create a more interesting and layered lighting experience in the room.

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