Furniture for Tiny Homes

Furniture for Tiny Homes

Are you looking for ideas to make your small home look bigger and maximise floor space? Here are our top 5 picks for furniture that would be great for tiny homes.

1) Compact Solid Wood Nightstand

One of our most popular pieces, the Compact Solid Wood Nightstand comes in sizes as narrow as 20cm, making it great for rooms that are short on space after placing the bed.

You'll also be glad to know that it comes in 3 materials/colour choices to match your interiors -- cherry wood, oak (natural colour) and oak (walnut colour).

2) Solid Wood Modular Work Table

Modular furniture is great for small space as you can choose the individual components that work for your space. Individual components take up much less space than a single bulky piece of furniture, and you can have more flexibility to fit them into different nooks and crannies of your space.

The Solid Wood Modular Work Table is one of our top picks for small homes among our wide range of modular furniture. The components are wall-hung, saving precious floor space. A wall-hung table top without legs also helps to create an impression of spaciousness.

3) Rustic Heavy Standing Mirror

Mirrors are a must-have for small homes as they capture light and help to create the illusion of a larger space. The Rustic Heavy Standing Mirror can be propped up against a wall, or hung on a structural wall to fulfil this purpose.

At a height of 190cm and with lengths ranging from 70cm to 120cm, this could easily be a centrepiece for the room.

4) Cubes Solid Wood Sideboard (Stackable)

Need more storage but short on space? No problem, just stack them up!

The Cubes Solid Wood Sideboard is another of our top picks from our range of modular furniture. Coming in configurations of 4 cubes all the way to 10 cubes, there is flexibility to choose what is most suitable for your space. You might also appreciate stacking different configurations if you have irregular features such as beams in your room.

 5) Simple Two-Way Solid Wood Table

If you're short on space, instead of a regular coffee table, why not consider a slim side table instead? At just 35cm x 25cm, the Simple 2-Way Solid Table takes up little floor space, and is a handy addition to your living room setup. Being so compact, it's also easy to just move it around wherever you need it.

Place it vertically as a slim side table for your beverage during a home movie, or use it horizontally as a portable work top when you're working on your laptop. The possibilities are endless. This piece also comes in three wood finishes -- cherry wood, oak or dark walnut -- to match any interiors.


Cover picture: Patrick Perkins

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