How to Choose a Dining Table: Round VS Long Tables

How to Choose a Dining Table: Round VS Long Tables

Are you having difficulties deciding which type of table to choose for your dining room? Round and long tables have their own pros and cons. We sum up some useful pointers to consider when deciding which type of table to buy.

✅ Round tables are space-saving. If you live in a compact home, round tables can help you save precious space as they take up less floor area than their long counterparts.

A round table is definitely sufficient to meet the needs of a small family of up to 4 people. However, if you frequently host meals with more than 4 people, perhaps a long table will be more suitable.

✅ Round tables feel more intimate. The distance between family members are closer when seated around a round table. It also feels less hierarchical as there is no head of the table.

✅ ❌ Round tables stand out in a room. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on your personal opinion. Round tables naturally draw the eye towards it because of its shape. It is also often placed in the middle of a room because it  is difficult to align it against the wall.

❌ Round tables have less table surface for use. Round tables have less table surface available for use due to its edges. In comparison, you can use pretty much the entire table surface of a long table. That said, if this is a concern, you could add a lazy susan to the round table to create extra table space.

✅ Long tables are more versatile. You can squeeze in more chairs for additional guests around a long table as opposed to a round table. You could also choose to pair long tables with benches instead of chairs. In addition, some long tables are extendable, which helps when you need extra space during your gatherings.

✅ Long tables are easier to arrange in a room. You can align the long table against the wall and it would effortlessly blend in with the interiors.

✅ Long tables feel more formal. Long tables are the way to go if you need to take care of seating arrangements, for example, if there are elderly members in the family. 

❌ Long tables are less toddler-friendly. The hard edges of a long table may make it a hazard for young children who are still stumbling around the house. You may need to make extra effort to childproof the edges. Round tables are better in this aspect, with no sharp and hard edges.

So, what do you think? Let us know what table shape you would go for in your own home and why!

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Picture credit: Ryan Riggins

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